Rent a boat charter 4cr – Recommended Routes


Rent a boat charter 4cr recommends to visit Kornati archipelago, as a separate and special island group located between Sibenik and Zadar islands, covers the area of about 320 km2 and includes about 150 land units, located either permanently or frequently above the sea. The Kornati National Park covers the bigger part of the Kornati waters.
Because of their exceptional landscape beauty, interesting geomorphology, highly jagged and indented coast as well as because of rich communities of the submarine eco-system.

Rent a boat charter 4cr is located in Biograd where you start to Kornati, recommendation is to Piskera, Vrulje – a small fishing village with excellent fish.

Cruising through Kornati islands to Telascica – visit Salt Lake (Slano Jezero) and the beautiful cliffs that rise from the sea. From Telašćica refer to the Little proversa (Mala Proversa) to the island of Žut, from the island of Žut towards to the island of Murter.


Rent a boat charter 4cr recommend route to the waterfalls of Krka. Starting from Biograd to Tribunj – Vodice and sailing through the canyon of waterfalls to Skradin. After visit of the Krka National Park, a recommendation is to visit Prokljan lake in the same region.


With Rent a boat charter 4cr start from Biograd to the north, through the inner channel of Zadar archipelago to the north head of the Long island (Dugi otok), or to the lagoon Pantera and Veli Rat, the lighthouse.
You can go to the open-sea beach of the north Adriatic – SAKARUN, and then around internal Adriatic islands and bays.

Rent a boat charter 4cr recommend Pantera bay, quiet anchorage, one of the best Croatian lagoon. Cruise to the pier in the north – western part of the bay. Walk through the alley of century-old pine trees, which were planted by the old Austrian lighthouse. Ten to fifteen minutes of walking through the dim forest and thick shade. Get out directly to the front of Veli Rat – the oldest and tallest lighthouse in the Adriatic. The high is 42 meters, light it can be seen from 18 miles away. There is interesting story that the walls during construction whisk 100,000 egg yolk. In the courtyard of the lighthouse is a votive chapel of St.Nicholas, the saint patron of sailors, which preserve Roman Missal 150 years old.
Here are the generations of lighthouse keepers prayed, married, baptized children. Nowadays held romantic wedding.
With Rent a boat charter 4cr is sure to visit the nearby beach or Sakarun – Saharun.

It is the most beautiful open-sea beach on the Adriatic, about 800 meters long. At the bottom is the fine white sand that gives turquoise color to the sea. The boat you can leave in the lagoon of Soline and SAKARUN reach on the foot.
At the end with Rent a boat charter 4cr you can visit nice place – bay Bribinj, on Dugi otok. On the south you can find nice sandy beaches.
If you have time, go on foot to the center of the place and find Bepo tavern where a couple of old villagers prepare homemade food such as cuttlefish with broad beans.


With Rent a boat charter 4cr you start from Biograd through Zdrelac under the bridge Ugljan – Pasman, at Pasman place you will find two bays in the nearby.

The first is a little to the north – Barotul, peaceful, quiet place, anchor and sandy beach is ideal for kids.
In the south, a small bay Zaklopica, in the bottom of the bay is a restaurant with homemade food.
At the same place with Rent a boat charter 4cr you must visit Crvena Luka, one of the most beautiful Adriatic bay with beautiful beaches.